How to find popular wedding flowers

It is easy to choose the right flowers for your wedding. Some of the most popular choices for your wedding bouquet never go out of style.

Rose: The rose is one of the flowers that is most chosen to be in wedding bouquets. There are three basic choices for roses; the hybrid tea, the spray, and the garden rose. The hybrid tea rose is the more classic rose, that which is more commonly seen. The spray rose is where there are several smaller roses on a stem. The garden rose is the opened old fashioned roses and are dreadfully hard to find and expensive to purchase. Most of the roses are scented but there are some that are odorless. Color of the rose is always a thought and many varieties can blend into your theme color for the wedding.

Tulips: A native of Persia, the tulip is viewed as the symbol of all consuming love. These are typically a less expensive choice for flower arrangements and can be purchased in many varieties of colors.

Stephanotis: This flower has small white blooms that look like a star with waxy florets. It is the symbol of marital happiness and isn’t very expensive nor is it very cheap. They are a great choice for any season. It is a wedding flower bouquet staple.

The Lily of the Valley: Such a delicate and small flower it can really pack a punch in a wedding bouquet. It has been called the ladder to heaven. It has a powerfully expensive price tag but makes a more refined statement in a bouquet. It generally is white but sometimes you can find the rare pink one.

Hydrangea: A big choice for a bouquet, the hydrangea is the symbol of vanity. It comes in a variety of colors depending on the acidity of the soil in which they were grown. They are gaining popularity in wedding parties.

Gardenia: A great choice for weddings, the gardenia is a fragrant bloom. It typically will stand out in the arrangement. It will bruise easy so you will have to take care of it, putting it preferably in a centerpiece.

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